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Merba produces a variety of cookies and sells high volumes to different customers around the world. Similar products vary with regard to recipe, size, weight and packaging. The products displayed below give a good general impression of the products Merba manufactures.

Merba Patisserie Edition

Merba Patisserie Double Chocolate CookiesMerba Patisserie White Chocolate Cranberry CookiesMerba Patisserie Dark Chocolate Hazelnut CookiesMerba Patisserie Apple Pie CookiesMerba Patisserie Triple Chocolate CookiesMerba Patisserie Nougatelli CookiesMerba Patisserie Soft Triple Chocolate CookiesMerba Patisserie Soft White Chocolate Blueberry Cookies

Merba Original Cookies

Merba Famous Chocolate Chip CookiesMerba Apple Pie CookiesMerba Brownie CookiesMerba Original Chocolate Chip CookiesMerba White Chocolate Cranberry CookiesMerba Nougatelli CookiesMerba Rainbow CookiesMerba Caramel CookiesMerba Triple Chocolate CookiesMerba Soft White Chocolate Blueberry CookiesMerba Soft Chocolate CookiesMerba White Chocolate Lemon Cookies

Merba Granola Bites

Merba Granola Bites BlueberryMerba Granola Bites HazelnutsMerba Granola Bites Coconut & Chocolate